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EnneaMediCina: pronti a iniziare?

Se non ti chiedi mai chi sei e perchè rispondi “SEMPRE UGUALE” agli stimoli della VITA. Se scivoli nel CONFORMISMO del conosciuto e del “COSI’ FAN TUTTI”, questo libro NON è per te! Se cerchi il SENSO di ciò che sei, di ciò che la tua vita si sta spingendo ad ESSERE EnneaMediCina E’ il […]

The Martial Arts Inspired by Tao – Written by Nadia Clementi

We interviewed Dr Liliana Atz on a previous occasion, and met her again to talk about EnneaMediCina, an alternative health discipline that brings together two ancient medical-philosophical systems, the Enneagram and Chinese medicine, revisited in the light of the neurosciences. EnneaMediCina offers a new approach to well-being and to the integration of body, mind and spirit involving various disciplines that join with – and reinforce – each other. As Dr Atz explains, the Enneagram is a symbol representing reality in its entirety, a dynamic model that encapsulates the Universe at macrocosmic and microcosmic levels, and which groups human beings under three centres and nine types. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is based on an ancient medical-philosophical culture in which a human is considered a combination of ‘something’ that – although not defined as ‘genetic’ – includes a couple’s energy at the moment they conceive a new being. Other factors include the movements and energy of the stars, and the circumstances that brought the couple together at that moment – does their union take place in time of peace or war; is it an act of love or an act of aggression? These diverse elements form the initial substratum that give rise to a unique and unrepeatable individual that – interacting with the environment – breathes life into what we call ‘personality’.

Enneagram in Light of Neuroscience ON ENNEAGRAM MONTHLY

What messages have the symbols and models of the archetypes held steady throughout time, that are within the collective unconscious?
Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and an- thropologist stated that the archetype is like an invisible model that determines what structure an object will assume; for exam-ple, how a crystal will form.

The Biological/Emotional Psychology of Enneagram Types

Self-awareness and emotional control is the very prerequisite of a holistic health of body, mind and spirit, as this article shows.
I believe that EnneaMediCina can be truly understood only by learning about its founding principles.

The Biological/Emotional Psychology of Enneagram Types – 2

Each centre is characterized by a core emotion, which deeply affects the way of being of different enneatypes and how they relate to each other. Acquiring awareness about this and learning strategies to control this emotion is the first step in the successful practice of integrated biomedicine. Types 8, 9 and 1, the so-called ‘gut’ types, are characterized by the prevalence of the instinctive component.