EnneaMediCina to “Reflection”. IEA European Enneagram Conference 2017

An excerpt from the EnneaMediCina conference presentation, held by Liliana Atz in Helsinki on 24.9.2017.


General theme:Personal and spiritual growth, mental and physical health. The workshop is open to anyone interested in this theme. In EnneaMediCina, temperament and personality, represented by the nine basic types of the Enneagram, are brought together with the fundamental laws of Chinese medicine to broaden the vision of humankind on a quest for global and […]

Enneagram in Light of Neuroscience ON ENNEAGRAM MONTHLY

What messages have the symbols and models of the archetypes held steady throughout time, that are within the collective unconscious?
Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and an- thropologist stated that the archetype is like an invisible model that determines what structure an object will assume; for exam-ple, how a crystal will form.

EnneaMediCina: the five Ways of the soul on Enneagram Monthly

EnneaMediCina: the five Ways of the soul on Enneagram Monthly

Discovering… EnneaMediCina: a quick guide to knowing yourself and your body.

“Everyone has their own psycho-physical structure, their own unique background, and everyone needs a life path that takes all of this into account.” EnneaMediCina is exactly this: a path that allows us to activate the potential within our DNA, and to learn how to take control of our own destiny.