Chinese Medicine The creation of life: the laws

In ancient Western civilisations, numbers performed more than just a quantitative function. They also held a secret code for interpreting the universe and its laws. One of the most famous and prominent experts on numbers was Pythagoras of Samos, a great philosopher and mathematical genius who lived in Greece in the 6th century BC.

According to Pythagoras, everything is related to numbers. Every symbol, sound, letter of the alphabet, planet corresponds to a number. Numbers set the rhythm, trigger motion and allow the universe and matter to exist in an orderly fashion.

In his view, all the building blocks in the world were linked in a numerical chain that controlled their relationships to the surrounding objects, thus fully expressing the holistic approach, typical of antiquity, where Spirit and Matter are unified into Being, “the essence of things”.
Also for the Chinese culture there was no separation between macrocosm and microcosm. All things shared a metaphorical language where the connection between phenomena affecting people was but an aspect of what was happening, on a larger scale, in the surrounding environment.
Their attitude towards numbers was extremely respectful as they symbolised daily life with a whole range of representations. Numbers either possessed a great descriptive power or showed a hierarchical order and epitomised the close relationship between Man and the environment.
Ancient and modern sciences show that the wholeness of the cosmos is amenable to a mathematical allegory exemplifying the harmony between all living systems.
The whole perfection in nature, from snowflakes to genetic code, from leaf canopies to the fractalness of human liver, is tied to specific numerical sequences.

Drawing inspiration from the study and comparing symbols in these two cultures, a new model takes shape, a new way to look at mankind, called EnneaMediChina.

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